The Red “Green” House

At the Red “Green” House in White Hall, the small footprint and vertical design create the scale and canvas for a green home. Superior Walls© in the basement provide a moisture-free, well-insulated foundation. Advanced framing techniques require 30-40% less lumber than conventional stick framing. Extra insulation in the wall and ceiling cavities (R-21 and R-50, respectively) and a thermal break keep the exterior and interior thermally separate, preventing energy loss and condensation. Reclaimed heart-pine flooring and Eastern Cypress siding make good use of salvaged materials, and EcoStar™ roofing is recycled, recyclable, durable and attractive.

Ample windows, transoms and skylights decrease the need for artificial lighting and provide plenty of ventilation. Cooling is accomplished through high-efficiency fans and room-specific 17 SEER air conditioners. Large overhangs, rain screen siding and extra insulation prevent moisture from entering or forming inside walls. Hot water is provided by roof-mounted solar panels. A rainwater collection and storage system provide water for landscaping and gardens.