Sugar Hollow Green Building

Green building is a way to improve the integration between people, structure and environment. At Sugar Hollow, we fit our designs to the lives of our clients, place homes and additions to positively interact with their site, and source as many local or sustainable materials as possible.

By creating smaller spaces that conserve energy and materials, we are able to give more attention to details and transitions. The gateways between inside and outside are often what give a home character and grounding.
In the construction process, we are efficient when planning and building. Much waste can be eliminated by design. Scarce resources like wood are used where appropriate, and alternatives are evaluated for their sustainability, effectiveness, durability and cost. We further conserve resources by building for longevity; details like extensive, meticulously-applied window and door flashing ensure the structure’s long life span.

The use of energy and water in a home can be optimized for efficiency as well. Appropriately sized heating and cooling systems, insulated low-E windows, ultra-low-flow plumbing fixtures, and efficient lighting are some of the techniques we use to conserve resources on a day-to-day basis. These technologies require no more day-to-day intervention than the more typical systems they replace.
Indoor air quality has become an issue as homes are more tightly sealed. Eliminating sources of toxins like formaldehyde and VOCs is as important as ensuring that mold cannot form. In the absence of these invisible contaminants, a home can better provide health and comfort.

At the same time that a structure must meet environmental criteria, it must be designed with the daily needs and comforts of its inhabitants in mind. Building an addition is not just adding raw space – the new area must be tied into the existing house so that traffic flows are improved and rooms can suit their requirements better. Our goal is to harmonize daily comfort with aesthetics and ideals.