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Why Choose Sugar Hollow Builders?

SHB offers environmentally sound design and construction services for additions, renovations and new construction—anything from a deck to a new house.

SHB is committed to providing clients living spaces that are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted with quality materials that are sustainably sourced and local, when possible.

Thoughtful design begins with listening to the client and shaping the space to fit their lives while at the same time minimizing environmental impact. It involves capturing natural light and harnessing solar energy to create beautiful spaces that are also energy-efficient. It considers how a structure can best fit the contour of the land while also providing easy access to the outdoors and views of surrounding natural beauty. It focuses on creating a structure that will last and continue to be attractive and serviceable for years to come.

Satisfied, returning clients speak to the SHB’s high quality of work. For the 16 years Corey has owned SHB, he has been able to rely solely on repeat customers and referrals from customers. SHB customers often return to Corey for multiple projects.

Corey focuses first on what the client wants and then determines how to fulfill that vision. He takes pride in his work and is determined to give clients the best value.